Pay at your convenience!

Pay at your convenience!

Easy & Convenient

Tuition Costs

A $2.50 convenience fee is added to all online payments.

Full Time*             $252.50 per week
Part Time**           $227.50 per week

Pre-K Children Ages 2-5
Full Time*.            $165.50 per week
Part Time**.          $142.50 per week
*Full Time Care is considered four or more days a week.
**Part Time care is considered three or less days a week. 

Before/ After School Care
Full Time*             $65 per week
(Before and after school price is subject to change)

Late Payment Fees: A late fee will be charged for any students picked up after 6:00p.m. ($1 per minute after 6:00p.m.). A late payment charge will be added to all payments made to the center after Wednesday of each week.

Registration Fee $50 per family. This fee covers the cost of the interview process and paperwork the build the child's file, office and student supplies and education materials. PLEASE NOTE: ANY CHILD THAT IS ABSENT FOR MORE THAN ONE WEEK MUST RE-ENROLL. A RE-ENROLLMENT FEE WILL BE EXPECETED.

Sliding Fees are calculated by the parent's caseworker, which is based on household size and income. There is a co-payment for all parent with sliding fees. The co-payment is the difference of what the state pays and day center costs. Your sliding fee is included indoor co-payment, The parent is required to pay the sliding fee amount as a condition of eligibility for childcare benefits. 

Sibling Discount: A sibling discount of 10% of the older child(res)'s tuition is giving for families with two or more children int eh academy (This discount does not apply to students who receive state subsidy.)