Infants (Peach Room) 
Birth through 1 year

Our Infant Program includes a variety of activities in which the teachers interact with the infants in a caring and nurturing way. Because of the genuine care that our teachers give, our infants develop a healthy attachment to their care givers within weeks of enrollment. Our infants will also develop the necessary skills to move forward in conquering the next milestone ahead. Through books, push-pull toys, tummy time mats and the responsive care of our teachers, they are able to succeed in their own developmental areas. They also feel comfortable enough to move to beat of their own schedule. 

Toddlers (Strawberry Room) 
1 year through 2 years

In our Toddler Program, we observe the students explore the environment that we preset to accommodate their development. Their environment includes age appropriate activities and projects such as puzzles, blocks, books, etc. to help enhance their language and social skills along with the other development areas. Other activities that our teachers plan to support their learning are sensory activities and art projects such as finger painting, water play, and play dough. 

Preschool (Grape Room) 
2 years through 3 years

Seeing students learn and discover new teachings is the goal in our Preschool Program. Our two’s and three’s enjoy using their new found language ability to describe the classroom environment around them. Through indirect and direct teachings, our teachers explain and model various learning activities to their growing minds. Our teachers show their students how to use art materials, recognize colors and shapes, as well as verbalize their emotions and problem solving skills. In this program, after parent consultation, we start the potty training process. 

Pre-Kindergarten (Apple Room) 
3 years through 5 years

Preparing students for Kindergarten and making sure they are socially, emotionally, cognitively, and physically ready for their new journey in “Big Kid’s School” is what our Pre-Kindergarten Program is all about. The student’s in this program are taught their letters, numbers, colors, and shapes through meaningful hands-on activities that are individualized and developmentally appropriate. During their small group time, they collaborate amongst their peers to share different strategies in which they used to come to a common answer; during free choice, they have the free will to play with items that activate their interests. We take pride in integrating the contents of math, literacy, science, social studies, art and language skills into the weekly themed lesson plans and asse